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Kasta Price Prediction – Features of the Token and Project Behind It

Introduced more than 13 years ago, Bitcoin created a payment revolution because it offered a decentralized financial system without state interference, with no intermediary or central regulator. The creators of the first cryptocurrency envisioned a future where anyone could trade tokens with minimal fees and transaction confirmation time. Created much later than Bitcoin, Kasta is a crypto platform that lives up to this vision, with fast, easy and cheap transactions. Offering an exchange service as well as a personalized debit card, Kasta crypto is here to make the ability to pay with both digital assets and fiat money as simple and straightforward as possible for everyone. Although at the time of writing, Kasta is still under development, this direct payment platform can make entering the world of cryptocurrency much easier for everyone. We are here to talk about Kasta technology, the platform’s native token, and to give you a glimpse of Kasta crypto price prediction from the experts so you have an idea of whether it is a good investment.

What is Kasta Crypto Project?

In simple terms, Kasta is a blockchain-based platform that will make it much easier to pay for products and services purchased over the global network. Introduced in 2021, it greatly simplifies peer-to-peer transactions without compromising data security and privacy. Overall, Kasta could be a major contributor to the crypto ecosystem and the global spread of cryptocurrency as a payment method. Behind the project is an accomplished team led by Mr. Roegind (the founder), a crypto expert with 10+ years of experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has also worked in finance and gaming technology. In addition, the Kasta team includes outstanding experts in marketing, design and iGaming which undoubtedly adds value to this crypto project.

If you’ve dealt with crypto in some way or another, then you understand that mass distribution is the most important challenge hindering the development of the crypto ecosystem. In addition, many crypto projects use an ecosystem approach, thus they have a high entry threshold which prevents everyone from participating. As for Kasta, according to its roadmap, it aims to simplify and accelerate the transition from fiat money to cryptocurrency. So, here are a few features of Kasta to be aware of:

  • Easier payments in seconds. Most crypto projects face problems such as clunky payment transactions and complicated wallet addresses. Kasta greatly simplifies transactions by standardizing many features inherent to payment systems like PayPal. Using the Kasta crypto platform, you will be able to exchange currencies quickly and seamlessly, regardless of whether you prefer to use digital assets or fiat money.
  • Send funds by phone number or by scanning a QR. Through the Kasta platform, you will be able to make instant payments without the use of hard-to-remember addresses.
  • High security. Using blockchain technology, the Kasta platform implements advanced security features to make you feel like you are in a fully secure environment.

Importantly, Kasta allows anyone with no experience of crypto to store, receive and send tokens quickly, securely and with minimal fees.

What Is Kasta Crypto Token?

Based on ERC20 technology, KASTA tokens run on the Polygon network. Unlike for example Bitcoin, Kasta tokens have many uses. However, the main goal of platform tokens is to bring digital assets closer to mass distribution, so KASTA coins will play a crucial role in the development of the platform. So, by investing in KASTA, you will be able to use coins for payments as well as currency. In addition, KASTA has many more applications from which holders will benefit:

  • Ability to get a customized debit card for even easier financial transactions.
  • Voting rights. The more KASTA coins you have in your hands, the more powerful your vote will be for implementing platform development ideas.
  • The opportunity to receive various bonuses, including cashback.
  • Reduced interest rates and more favourable exchange rates for holders.

To purchase caste tokens, you need to register and open a crypto wallet. By doing so, you will be able to deposit or buy digital assets and use the crypto wallet to pay for goods or services online. Aimed at reducing transaction costs, the Kasta platform will promote e-commerce with cryptocurrency payment acceptance worldwide. Notably, Kasta’s creators chose Polygon over the far more popular Ethereum, for several reasons. First, the Ethereum network still has serious scalability issues. Second, transactions on the Ethereum network are too expensive. Third, transactions in Polygon are much faster, almost instantaneously.

KASTA Tokenomics

The creators of the project plan to issue a total of 1.5 billion tokens, while the circulating offering will total just 37.5 million Kasta coins. In order to block the remaining KASTA tokens, a five-year vesting period has been introduced. This mechanism of blocking a portion of the tokens is used to reduce pressure from sellers and speculative traders from whose activities the price of crypto can change dramatically. In this way, Kasta’s creators are demonstrating their commitment to developing the project organically with a gradual increase in the value of the coin. So far, the token has been listed on Quickswap, ByBit, MEXC, and Uniswap where you can purchase the digital asset in exchange for other cryptos. Notably, Kasta was listed on ByBit as a peer-to-peer payment platform, which was an important milestone in the project’s development and contributed to the growing interest in its native token. As it is known, ByBit is among the exchanges that are selective in the projects they include in their list.

Kasta App

As previously stated, Kasta aims to make entry into the world of cryptocurrencies simple and easy for anyone wishing to make crypto payments. By launching the app, Kasta seeks to bridge the gap between regular users and blockchain technology, which is quite difficult to understand for those who previously only used fiat money. Unlike other crypto platforms and apps, Kasta does not require users to provide complex addresses or other information. By installing the Kasta app, any user can receive or send tokens simply by entering their phone number. However, the Kasta app has much more functionality than just receiving and sending tokens. There are also exchange and stacking tools available which many crypto-enthusiasts will enjoy. Before investing in a token, you can install the app on your device and familiarize yourself with the functionality it has:

  • Available in both Android and iOS versions, the app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.
  • Once you have launched the app, complete a simple registration process with your phone number, email address and some personal details, then come up with a PIN code to protect your account.
  • Go through the identity verification process by providing digital copies of your documents. In addition, you will also need to take selfies to verify your face.

To use the app, you first need to deposit in your preferred way. You can choose the currency you want to deposit, such as BTC, USDT or ETH. Then you just need to enter your crypto wallet address and confirm the transaction. To send a payment, you simply select the recipient or enter their phone number, type in the payment amount and confirm the transaction with a PIN.

Kasta Coin Price Prediction

The KASTA token went on sale in December 2021. A few days later, it rose in value above $1 per coin. However, a long period of decline followed. While 2021 was a very successful year for the cryptocurrency world, 2022 saw many events, including a Russian military invasion of Ukraine and strained relations between many countries around the world. All of these events had a negative impact on the cryptocurrency world and the Kasta project in particular. At the time of writing, 1 KASTA token was worth only $0.04 with a market capitalization of about $5.3 million, which is extremely low. At the moment, the future of the Kasta project seems unclear. However, it is a very young platform aimed at global crypto adoption and even more decentralized finance. It’s worth noting that Kasta has fulfilled all the steps in its roadmap for 2021, which shows that the team behind it was really interested in developing the project. However, today Kasta looks like a crypto project put on pause due to the negative processes taking place in the cryptocurrency world in general.

So, Kasta is a very young project. And despite its great goals – and the real intrinsic usefulness of the token – you should be skeptical of any price prediction. Moreover, when making a Kasta price prediction, experts should consider the current situation in the cryptocurrency space. So, here are a few suggestions as to how the token price will change in the near term:

  • According to experts at PricePrediction, the token has a chance to double in value by the year 2022. Their Kasta crypto price prediction for 2025 suggests the coin could be worth around $0.25.
  • Experts from DigitalCoinPrice were more optimistic in their prediction believing that the coin could be worth $0.10 by the end of 2022. However, their long-term predictions are not as bold as PricePrediction’s. According to DigitalCoinPrice, the coin’s price for 2025 will only be $0.13.
  • CoinArbitrageBot believes the coin will rise sharply to $0.22 by the end of 2022 and could reach a value of $1 in 2025.

If you are considering KASTA as an investment vehicle, you should ideally decide on your own whether it is a viable project and whether its price will rise over time.

Is Kasta a Good Investment?

To make an investment decision – especially when it comes to a young crypto project – you need to know its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the things that make it stand out from other cryptos. The team behind Kasta has clearly taken care of its users’ security issues and managed to provide peer-to-peer transactions without fees. To encourage even more people to join their crypto platform, Kasta is planning many things including issuing personalized debit cards, introducing an affiliate program, and even gamification tools. However, the negative processes in the cryptocurrency world have severely hurt this project’s plans. And now it is hard to say whether it has even a fraction of its initial potential, as the coin’s price has fallen dramatically.


1. What is Kasta crypto?

It’s a crypto platform aimed at increasing the availability of cryptocurrencies and making it easier to process payments online. Essentially, it’s a mobile app that makes crypto transactions much more convenient, secure, free and unrestricted.

2. Where can I download the Kasta mobile app?

The project has a native app which is compatible with all modern mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. You can download the app from the Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store) marketplace depending on your device type.

3. What is a Kasta crypto token?

It is a native Kasta platform token that was launched in December 2021. Operating on the Polygon network, it offers fast and cheap transactions with the other benefits of the Polygon blockchain.

4. How many KASTA tokens are circulating in the network?

The total supply was 1.5 billion tokens. However, the creators use a vesting mechanism, so the actual number of tokens circulating in the network was initially 37.5 million units. At the time of this writing, the circulating supply is around 130 million tokens.

5. What is the intrinsic usefulness of a token?

By purchasing KASTA tokens, you can reap the following benefits: payments from anywhere in the world (cross-border transactions), rewards for referrals (referral program), discounts on payments through the app, the ability to get a personalized debit card to pay elsewhere, and a yield boost. However, many of these points failed to materialize as the token has fallen dramatically in value.

6. Will the price of the coin rise?

Kasta is too young a crypto project, so any predictions could be speculative. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are going through their bad times right now, so it’s not easy for a newcomer – even a promising one like Kasta – to stay afloat today.

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